Pic of the week : Rat-look Toyota Crown Custom

5 Jun

As Rio Ferdinand would no doubt say on Twitter…..oooooof! One of the coolest cars to come out of the Toyota stable, this Crown Custom takes off to a whole new level with a healthy dose of the rat look. Rust-ridden panels, flawless wheels and a chassis scraping ride height make this thing cooler than an eskimos fridge. Enjoy.


Ari Vatanen : Rallying God

25 May

What you are about to see is an exhibition in car control and a man with some seriously large conkers. Ari Vatanen, the 1981 World Rally Champion ( the only driver ever to win it as a privateer ), takes on Pikes Peak, the worlds most notorious hill climb. This short film, winner of four awards, is a display of what the emphatic Finn can do in a car, on the edge and flat-out at every single opportunity.

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Bring back…..

20 May

I don’t mean the disease that affects your dogs constitution, oh no. What I’m referring to is far more fun ( and a lot less impeding on the digestive tract ). I am of course referring to the somewhat legendary, wacky and insanely playable arcade classic, Worms Armageddon.

Only the original will suffice; accept no substitutes, for they do not bear the same presidency as the one that started it all. Like Rocky and The Godfather, the sequels are ok, but you can’t hold a candle to the first incarnation.

The premise of destroying worms by whatever means possible, with the most unnatural and down-right crazy armoury, is simplicity in its finest. The easy-to-play, easy-to-navigate nature of the game, combined with the ability to accommodate up to four players with many more AI combatants, makes it a party classic and a great game to play amongst your friends. Blowing a friend off of the map with an exploding sheep would never happen in the real world, but my god is it satisfying!

If you have a copy of this, treasure it and enjoy it to the fullest. New additions won’t even come close.

Everyday Driver : Mk1 Fiesta

19 May

 Now, with this series of articles, what I aim to do is give a simple run down of older cars you can live with everyday. So, if your planning on buying something old to use on a day-to-day basis, take a look here to see what old car ownership gets you in to…

First up, my daily ride, a Mk1 Fiesta 1100s. Now, I love this car, so I’m bound to be biased but for the sake of fair, honest journalism I’ll try to remain as neutral as possible.

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Countdown to the Champions League Clash of the Titans

19 May

Both have won their respective national leagues. Both are giants of modern football. The clash of the titans between Manchester United and Barcelona arrives at Wembley on the 28th May where the Champions League title will be decided.

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Music Review : Addicted to Bass 2011

15 May

The Wideboys and Ministry of Sound are back with their latest installation in the Addicted to Bass series.

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